Flower Farm

This is a great place to read through our sustainable farming practices, seasonal offerings, and peruse our farm gallery. As one of the original farm plots in the Snohomish valley, our fields and forests hold a unique space for my work here. Part of the land is protected as a natural habitat and because of this we are never alone. On any given day, cranes, owls, hawks and bald eagles fly overhead, some making nests in our tall trees. The flora and fauna thrive here, pollinators seek out our flowers, and an abundance of biodiversity continually aids in all that we create here. It is kind of a magical hidden place and I feel honored to grow both flora and my florist craft here.

The first time Jeff and I walked the grounds here, touched the long grass, and walked under the trees, we knew there was significant history here. "Sage" was just a word that seemed to describe the aged, wise farm we were about to purchase. "River" was a natural pairing, as this farm rests beside our local rivers, and symbolizes the movement and growth this farm still has yet to do.


Occasionally we open our gates for members and local community for our floral design events and bridal shoots. Visit our "Floral Design" page for more information.


Enjoy our gallery!